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So i fled Krakow after not really liking it on a night train pointing in the direction of Prague. I had a good night train experience again this time as i booked a couchette so i arrived in Prague at 7am feeling only slightly tired. Found the hostel really easy, it said it was in Prague 2 which makes u think 'oh shit miles out of town' but it was 5minutes walk along a main road to Wencesless Square (yeah thats probably spelt wrong). Upon showering and changing i went for a wander and was amazed to discover how well i had remembered my geography in Prague! I could remember where just about all the main streets went, how to get to all the places and even where a lot of the good eating places were! So after showing Mel (who i was now travelling with) the main sites and sounds (which took basically an entire day) we went out for something to eat in Prague 5, which is on the other side of the river and about 10 minutes out of the centre, the prices drop hugely for food! While we sat eating we just sat and watched an immense downfall just come from nowhere, soak everyone to the skin in about 2 seconds, keep it up for 15mins and then dissappear as if it never happened!

Day two we woke up early and at 9:30am were in possibly the weirdest place i have ever visited first thing in the morning.....the sex machine museum! It is a really hilarious place showing everything u could possibly imagine (and things i never had done previously.....voyeuristic chamber pot anyone?) from gimp suits, saedo-masicistic machines from the 15th century to 1920's porn films starring the best friend of the king of spain! I would heavily recommend it to everyone cos its very fun, though maybe just not so early in the morning! i have some great pics....but alas they wont be making it onto the upload!

In the afternoon we went up Perin Tower which gives u great views of the city in all directions (u can see right into Slavia Prague's ground....its not very good). Once again i was terrified walking to the top, once i was up there i was fine but it was walking up this staircase on the outside of the tower, with only wire mess between you and a fall of about 100 metres. Once i was at the top and snapping away i noticed Mel had gone white, which was funny and unexpected as she had been taking the piss all morning about me crying when we got to the top. After that we went round the castle and then back to the hostel to meet Mel's mate before descending on some horrific drinking binge with mel, her mate and about 15 other people from the hostel. by the time we left everyone was pretty hammered (about from that perverted Singaporian lad!) and our group consisted of us three, 5 heavily hammered irish lads......3 of whom got lost from us within about 100 metres!, 3 scottish lasses, 2 london girls, a singaporian lad, a couple of yanks and some others who i cant remember. We headed off to a nightclub which was 5 floors, queued for about a decade to get in, bought the most expensive alcohol in Prague (basically UK prices) and went to discover what type of music infested these 5 floors....and the answer......basically the same type of music on every single god-damn floor....shitty wanky dance music! most people loved it but me and one of the scottish lasses liked our rock so we basically just sat around and chatted and laughed at people the whole night. I left at around 3am (alone!) as i had a early morning train to catch to Vienna. I heard a group come in at about 5am and when i was leaving at 7am one group were still out!! Anyway i got the underground to the train station not exactly feeling 2 pretty and departed for Vienna, mostly concentrating on not being sick......which i wasnt....yay!!

So why do u ask did i not stay in Prague longer? basically because i have been there before, seen all the sights and really enjoyed it, but Prague in late January is really really really busy and just gets a bit uncomfortable being crowded all the time and i didnt really need to be there as its all stuff i have seen before! if i was gonna recommend to someone i would say either go in May or September but never between those months!

pics of my very brief visit can be found at:


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